$28M Raised.

Cloudastructure has raised $28M over a 6 month Reg A campaign with Issuance.
Technology; Enterprise AI
Amount Raised
6 months


Cloudastructure’s AI-based computer vision technology automates enterprise security infrastructure, and facilitates improved security operations with the help of machine learning.

With the Cloudastructure technology in place, clients have access to highly advanced security tools, enabling abilities like live visibility and control over access points, facial recognition data enrichment, or even AI capable of determining whether individuals captured in footage are wearing a facemask.

The Cloudastructure founding team had previously raised capital from a broad variety of sources: CEO Rick Bentley alone has raised eight figure funding from VC mainstays like Softbank and WI Harper, and CTO Gregory Rayzman was previously CTO or Founder of companies sold to Facebook, Oracle, and BMC.

After assessing fundraising options, Cloudastructure management opted to work with Issuance in order to finance their growth with funds from the broadest base of potential investment available: individuals worldwide.


  • Cloudastructure’s campaign built traction from day one, ultimately raising over $28M from 11,000+ investors globally in 6 months.
  • With the outbreak of Covid-19, computer-recognition and AI facial imaging technology came into the public eye due to mask-ID capabilities. Issuance capitalized on the timing of this increasing awareness, and drove significant investment through successful media relations efforts positioning Cloudastructure for press coverage and financial media featured content.
  • Additional offering distribution was made possible through paid media, including strategic Facebook and Google Adwords optimization, to maximize awareness and generate high return-on-ad-spend in the overall campaign.

What’s next?

Advancements Fueled by Reg A funding

  • With Reg A funds in place, Cloudastructure was able to invest in product expansion and new advances in R&D.
  • In Q3 of 2021, Cloudastructure achieved media attention for rolling out brand new product offerings for large enterprises, with enhanced capabilities for AI analytics and robust security administration features.

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