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Regulation CF

What is regulation crowdfunding?

Raise up to $5M

Via Reg CF, eligible issuers can raise up to $5M with audited financials, or $1.2M with CPA-reviewed financials.

Retail investors

Accept investments from accredited and non-accredited investors alike, alongside institutional investors, trusts, and more.

Lower time-to-launch

Reg CF offerings can be prepared and launched in just a few weeks, provided an issuer has the right support during the process.

Early-stage funding

Inviting fans, followers, or customers to invest alongside traditional angels or VC can build a strong base of support.

Shares, SAFEs, and more

Whether you are offering common stock, preferred shares, or a SAFE note, Regulation CF can be your fundraising vehicle.

Rolling escrow closes

Once the target minimum offering amount is met and the deal has been live for 21 days, escrow can be closed regularly to deploy capital proceeds and fund your next phase of growth.

Note: Investors should weigh the risk of making investments, which includes the potential loss of your investment and the illiquid nature of non-public shares.


Why Raise on Issuance Express?

Credit Card
Card payments that enable the smoothest and fastest investor checkouts in history (with Google Pay and Apple Pay available).
Seamless link-to-bank feature makes it easier than ever for investors to pay via ACH transfer.
Wire Transfer
For high-value investors, enable wire payments with a built-in system to minimize unfunded payments.
Investor E-Signatures
Seamless digital document execution makes life easier for both issuers and investors, saving the issuer time and maximizing investor conversion.
White-Glove Support
Issuance Express and our legal partners provide tailored support for our issuers throughout the Reg CF offering preparation process.
Integrated Escrow
A direct integration with third-party escrow means investor funds are transmitted swiftly and securely.
Native Analytics
Leverage actionable insights from our pre-built dashboard, or build your own dashboard to track your preferred KPIs directly in-platform.
Marketing Partner Plug-In
Invite your marketing agency and grant them access to key performance data to track and attribute the impact of their campaign.
Real-Time Data Export
Choose from hundreds of pre-built destinations and export real-time data via Segment for insightful decision making using the tools you already rely on, be they CRMs, tag managers, or dashboards.


Moneyline Sports Inc.

Raise from accredited investors with flexible terms.
Platform License Fee
  • $5K platform setup fee
  • $45 per subscription
  • 4.0% card processing
  • 3.0% ACH processing
  • 2.0% wire processing
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Reg A+

Raise growth equity from anyone, even retail investors.
Platform License Fee
  • Everything from Design, plus:
  • $5K platform setup fee
  • $15 per subscription
  • 5.0% card processing
  • 4.0% ACH processing
  • 3.0% wire processing
Launch Reg A+ Offering

Reg CF

Launch quickly and raise up to $5M from anyone.
Cash Success Fee on Capital Raised
  • $500 platform setup fee
  • Facilitated via Issuance Express, a FINRA-member funding portal
  • 4.0% card processing
  • 3.0% ACH processing
  • 2.0% wire processing
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